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Fun Facts to follow Empty Fun Facts to follow

on Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:33 pm
I'd appreciate it if you'd follow these! Thank you, all!

⊸ Please have 3 sentences minimum per post.
⊸ Please, please don't flock to the big three cabins- there will be a limit on how many campers can be in there;  4 per cabin. I might raise the limit.
⊸ There is no limit on how many characters you have, but please keep the genders around even and make sure you can keep track of all of them.
⊸ Satyrs and nymphs are allowed.
⊸ Please try to post at least 1 RP post per week/two weeks. Email me (plaidphonecase@gmail.com) if you're going inactive for a while!
⊸ Your character must be approved before you start roleplaying with them. There are no exceptions!
⊸ You cannot control or kill another user's character without their permission.
⊸ Try to use proper grammar and spelling & double-check your posts before you post it. Also, no text talk, please!
⊸ If you have an idea for a major plot change, please make sure you contact me before putting it into action.
⊸ No major curse words.
⊸ You cannot use any curse words against another user or character.
⊸  Keep romantic scenes as PG as you can.
⊸  LGBTQ+ characters are definitely allowed!
⊸  Photo references for a character must be clean; keep the shirts and shorts on, people!
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