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PlaidPhonecase's Characters Empty PlaidPhonecase's Characters

on Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:17 pm
I've decided to make my own topic for my characters, so you all can see them.
I'll be replying to this with their profiles.
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PlaidPhonecase's Characters Empty Re: PlaidPhonecase's Characters

on Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:27 am
Full Name: Leonara Beaulieu
Meaning: Light or bright
Hometown: Elk Garden, West Virginia
Current Residence: Camp Half-Blood, Long Island Sound
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight: 152.7 lbs
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthday: November 30th, 2003
Chinese Zodiac: Goat
Compatibility: The Goat is compatible with the Pig and the Rabbit; it is incompatible with the Ox.
Greek Zodiac: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: She has a thin nostril piercing on her left nostril; she got it for her 14th birthday (for herself) by sneaking out of camp with mortal cash and finding a piercing shop. She did get in trouble for sneaking out, but the punishment wasn't too major or horrible.
Clothing Description:
1. Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, jean shorts, black-and-white tennis shoes, jellybean socks
2. Heavy, maroon-colored hoodie, thick jeans, black-and-white tennis shoes, fuzzy, rainbow socks
3. Short-sleeved, cherry-colored shirt, light blue jean shorts, black-and-white tennis shoes, blue socks with otters on them
She usually wears a white beanie with every outfit and she has a thin, white cardigan she will wear in the spring, summer, and fall.
Her tennis shoes are very, very old and have some small holes in them.

Good Traits: High-spirited, tidy or neat, and cooperative
Flaws: Weak-willed, gullible, and squeamish
Good Habits: Refuses to curse and always keeps an extra drachma or two in her pocket
Bad Habits: Speaking loudly and dragging her feet when walking
Any Strange Habits?: ALWAYS wears colorful or multicolored socks
Fears: Fear of being punished or doing something wrong
Why Do They Have These Fears?: Her mother would scold her whenever she did something a tad bit wrong and always brought it up in conversation, no matter how long ago it happened. It went to the worst whenever she didn't get an A in school or back-talked a teacher.
Favorite Food: Jellybeans
Least Favorite Food: Potato soup
Favorite Drink: Tea
Least Favorite Drink: Orange juice
Favorite Color: Any shade of red
Least Favorite Color: Dark green
Favorite Scent: Roasted/Roasting marshmallows
Favorite Sound: A kitten's purr
Favorite Sight: Snowflakes falling to the ground
Favorite Time of Year: November/Thanksgiving
Favorite Time of Day: Around sunset
Favorite Animal: Snowy Owl
Favorite Song: Penny Lane
Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz
Best School Subject: Science
Worst School Subject: Dance
Best Camp Activity: Pegasus riding
Worst Camp Activity: Swimming & swim races.

Mother: Noelle Marisa Figel
Relationship?: Her mother wasn't always kind to her, and because of their lack of money, sometimes didn't feed her for a whole two days. She also nitpicked on anything her daughter did, complained about her work and other problems with her instead of conversating, and was contemplating on putting her up for adoption.
Father: Hypnos
Relationship?: The only contact she's gotten with her father was when she was claimed, but ever since that day, she felt a strong urge to make him proud, so she put plenty of extra effort into camp activities and spent time reading up on his history and myths.
Pet(s): Olive
How did they acquire this/these pet(s)? Where did its name come from? How old are they, ect.?: Before she was guided to Camp Half-Blood by her satyr, she insisted that she took Olive, her mother's black kitten, who was underfed and sick. Olive had been fed back to health and taken care of properly as soon as she made it to camp, so now she can happily and easily journey through Camp Half-Blood during the day and return to the Hypnos cabin to sleep with Leonara at night.

Weapon: A sword with a blade that's slightly curved
Mist Version: Most likely a hunting rifle
Armor?: A celestial bronze breastplate and helmet with a smaller-than-average shield to match
Strengths: Blocking attacks & dodging
Weaknesses: Successfully killing larger monsters/enemies
Fatal Flaw: Gullibility
Abilities: Force someone to fall asleep for a short period of time, look into people's dreams as they sleep, and can make someone fall asleep (with their consent) for healing purposes (they awake feeling refreshed and strong).

Background: As Leonara grew up, she thought her father didn't exist. Her mother always said he was dead; she didn't need to worry about him. But, on the inside, she always knew she'd rather grow up with her dad than her mother. After an incident with her mom at age 10 (which involved screaming and slapping), Leonara stormed outside and hid behind a tree in her backyard. There, she met her satyr for the first time. She hardly even listened to all he had to stay, the words 'We're leaving this place' got her as hyped up as she'd ever been.
She convinced her satyr to bring Olive, her mother's mistreated kitten before they left. And the three made it to Camp Half-Blood in 7 days. Within a month of Leonara's arrival, she had made friends of all of her half-brothers and half-sisters (plus a quite few of the other campers), got Olive back to her normal health again, and was claimed by her father. Ever since she was claimed, she felt an extra-strong urge to make her father proud, so she put an extra amount of effort into her training and spent more of her free-time to learn more and more about Hypnos.

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